About us and Endless Road Trip

We are Rachel and Hugo, a couple trying to seek happiness in all corners of the world.

After years of saving, we both quit our jobs in 2020 to go on a life-changing trip. And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. To say that our plans were ruined would be an understatement!

After a long year of waiting, we are now finally on our trip. After 4 months in South America, we traveled to Canada to buy a campervan, which we now call our home. We’re planning to live and travel in it for at least a full year.

hugo and rachel photoshoot

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Why Endless Roadtrip?

Ever since we started working our 9-to-5 jobs, our adventures were limited to a couple of weeks of holiday per year. During these weeks, we always tried to reach the furthest corners of each country. We rent a car, fill it up and just drive!

These road trips gave us an immense feeling of adventure and excitement. The only downside to these adventures was that they ultimately always came to an end.

Now, after we saved a lot of money and quit our jobs, we want to take our road trips to the next level. We bought a campervan in Canada – called Roadie – and are now on a road trip with no end date.

In other words, we are on an endless road trip.

Meet “Roadie”

We travel and live in a 1991 Chevy Roadtrek 190 Popular. We bought this campervan in Quebec, Canada, and registered it in our name in New Brunswick, Canada.

This little campervan might look small, but its design is super-efficient. It’s only 19 feet long and weighs under 3,500 kg, which means we are allowed to drive it with our European driver’s license. It’s got a separate bed and dining area, a kitchen with running water and even a toilet!

Oh, and it has a solar system that allows us to work on our laptops in order to earn a bit of money (which makes our road trip even more endless!)

roadie endless roadtrip roadtrek campervan