About Us

About Endless Road Trip

Pretty much every big travel blog contains general information that looks great at first glance, but when you really need to get down to the details, the info turns out to be bad and unusable. The first page of Google is basically filled with the same travel advice repeated over-and-over, without showing what some countries really have to offer. Here at Endless Road Trip, we will help you discover the gems that countries have to offer while showing you all the details along the way.

If you’re looking for tips on how to find the best all-inclusive resort, then we have some bad news for you: you’re at the wrong address. Road trips are meant to be adventurous. We will show you our unique routes while giving you honest and precise info about our trips.

Who are we? We are Rachel and Hugo, a couple from the Netherlands with a shared love for traveling. We know, we know, this intro matches that of 99% of the world, since everybody seems to be a “traveler” these days. What makes us different?

  • We’ve found out that the web is full of generic travel advice that’s not really useful at all, and we want to change that.
  • We go all the way. We find the gems that travel blogs don’t generally share, provide details and budget everything appropriately (and then share it here on this website).
  • We’ve been saving a shitload of money the past years and are planning to quit our jobs to travel Northern America for a year (YIKES). More on that later!

Endless Road Trip is also a blog where you can find all sorts of detailed information, regarding our road trips. These blogs will help you find specific information like; how to budget and how to plan your routes while you are on your road trip. All the articles you’ll find on this website are based on our own experiences.

We also write blogs about general issues we endure during our planning and/or traveling. You’ll probably face these issues as well. For example; what can you do on your road trip with bad weather, or how to go wild camping? Not only will we explain these issues, but we also want to give you a solution. These articles can help you during your road trip! We want to make sure that you are still able to get everything from your road trip, even when situations don’t go as planned.

Our honesty is something that you can find refreshing. Most blogs will oversell the places they cover when in reality it’s not that great. We will inform you where to go and more importantly where not to go. We want to be completely upfront with our experiences.

Regarding the photos that are posted on Endless Road Trip, these aren’t the kind of pictures you generally see on travel blogs. We are not “professional travel bloggers”. When we visit a place, our focus is on the experience itself, not on getting the most Instagram-worthy picture. These are pictures we made with our phones during our road trips. So the quality is not that great but it is real. Most pictures you find on other blogs/Instagram accounts are photoshopped or extremely edited. This is not an example we wanna set for other road trippers. We don’t want to create unrealistic expectations, so our photos won’t always have a perfectly blue sky, the best lighting, and the most jaw-dropping composition. Of course, we want this website to be visually appealing and awesome, but we also want to keep it real.

Our main goal is to make sure you get everything you can from your road trip. There is no need to overspend, to overthink and to under travel. With these tips and articles, we are 100% sure that the road trips you make, are the ones you will never forget.

About Rachel

I’m a 26-year-old girl, currently living in the Netherlands with Hugo and I work in the travel industry. Very fitting, considering my love for traveling.

My passion for traveling started a long time ago and will probably never be fulfilled. I’d love to travel to beautiful and unique destinations, without the thousands of tourists. I truly despite crowded areas and I try to avoid these places as much as possible. Of course, I don’t always escape it, but whenever I can, I will!

I prefer to travel with my boyfriend, as he is the only person I’ve met so far that can keep up with me. I’ve tried going on holidays with other people, which I enjoy don’t get me wrong, but they are never as adventurous as the ones with Hugo. We don’t sit still on our road trips and we always wanna see EVERYTHING. So, we always plan 10000 things to do on a day and make sure we don’t skip anything. For other people, this is quite exhausting (understandable) so they probably don’t wanna go another time with me on a road trip either.

Ony of my hobbies is to go boxing in my free time. This is a great outlet and helps me to get fit and healthy. To be honest, I am not even that good. I once wanted to show my moves to Hugo, but accidentally punched him right in the face, causing a bloody wound on his lip. However, I am getting there… 😉

Other things to know about myself is that I like to spend time with friends and family, but most of all I love love LOVE spending time with my dog Bailey. To be fair, this is my parent’s dog, however, I treat her like she is mine.  

I am just crazy about dogs and I can’t wait to get one ourselves. I have this urge to pet every dog I meet. Saddest days are the ones where I see a dog coming towards me but the owner pulls the dog away from me. SO UNFAIR.  I know that the best day of my life has yet to come, cause that would be when I can get a dog… Hugo knows about this but hasn’t picked up the hint so far…

What I love most in my free time is to go hiking, preferably in a country we’ve not visited before. As we don’t always have that luxury, we found some great spots in the Netherlands as well. Luckily, we live nearby a forest, where we spend a lot of time being outside. Hiking through the woods gives me a lot of peace and also helps me stay fit and healthy.

About Hugo

So, my name is Hugo. You’ve made it all the way down this page, and you now get to read about who I am. Congratulations, I’m impressed. I’ve tried writing this introduction a couple of times now, but I’m having trouble finding the words to describe who I am without falling asleep.

If I were to speed date and had 1 minute to introduce myself, it would probably sound like this (assuming I’m not choking and being an awkward mess):

  • I work as an engineer at a big contractor in the Netherlands
  • A couple of years ago, I fell in love with long-distance running. My perfect Sunday afternoon consists of a >10 kilometers run through the woods while listening to relaxing music.
  • I probably don’t love anything as much as Rachel loves loves LOVES dogs. But if anything comes close, it’s probably music. As a kid, I developed an almost scary obsession with Radiohead, which forced led me to learn all their songs on guitar, piano or whatever instrument they played. Now, a couple of years later, I’ve learned to love a lot of different genres, mainly Rock and Jazz, and everything in-between.
  • Are you feeling awkward yet by reading this? I know I do.
  • Oh, this is me by the way.
  • Unimpressive fact #1: I’m pretty tall (duh, I’m Dutch) at 195 centimeters, which is about 6′ 5 for you Americans.
  • Unimpressive fact #2: One of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar was Wonderwall (ugh).
  • Unimpressive fact #3: My job sometimes makes me travel to weird places, which sounds cool but is seriously overrated. When I fly to a country, my “sightseeing” consists of the 1-hour ride to and from the airport. I spent the rest of my time working 7 days a week somewhere offshore. As I said, it’s overrated.