How to Buy a Camper(van) in Canada in 2022 (as a Tourist)

In March 2022, we bought a campervan in Quebec, Canada as tourists from Europe. It was an incredible ordeal, and depending on which site you looked for information on, it was a nearly impossible challenge.

However, we were able to buy a beautiful campervan, and finish all the necessary paperwork for it. This includes registering it in our name (on a basic ETA visa) and having it insured for coverage across Canada and the USA. It was an incredibly difficult process, and we made some mistakes that we want to help you avoid. So in the articles below, I’ll try my best to advise you on what you need to do if you want to buy an RV/camper(van) in the US or Canada as a tourist!

Click the links below to find the answers that took us weeks and 100’s of phone calls to figure out!

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