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7 Great Day Trips From Mostar (Maps, Routes & Highlights)

Mostar has lots to offer, and Rachel and I got to explore all its beautiful surroundings with our tiny rental car! But since there’s so much to do in this part of Bosnia, it can be difficult to prioritize your day trips. In this article, I want to share the best day trips we did from Mostar, with details, pictures, and our personal recommendations!

7 perfect day trips from Mostar

Here are the highlights of our stay in Mostar! Of course, it’s up to you to decide what trips to include during your stay!

1. Spend an afternoon in Konjic

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

Rachel and I spent a short day in Konjic, and really enjoyed the easy-going vibe. Its Ottoman-era bridge and the tranquil Neretva River were great for nice pictures! We wandered the old town’s cobbled streets and relaxed at a riverside café, enjoying local coffee and lunch.

Konjic in bosnia

Although we didn’t try rafting, it’s a popular activity in Konjic, offering thrilling rides down the Neretva. If we ever go back to Bosnia, this is definitely something we want to do!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed an easy and peaceful yet engaging day. If you ask me, these days are some of the nicest while on holiday, because they don’t deplete your energy all that much, and you actually get to relax and explore some small parts of a country that you would otherwise rush through!

2. Visit Donja Jablanica and the collapsed railway bridge

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

On our trip to Donja Jablanica, Rachel and I headed to the collapsed railway bridge, an interesting place to shoot some photos. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at a local cafe.

Donja Jablanica and the collapsed railway bridge

After lunch, we hiked up to the Outlaws Door (Hajducka Vrata), where the panoramic views were breathtaking. The hike was tough, so be prepared. It takes about 4 hours to walk along a path that is full of stones, and 2 hours on the way down. So if you decide to come to this beautiful place, prepare for a long journey.

Unfortunately, the weather was really cloudy when we went for the hike, so our pictures are… not the best.

But if you’re luckier than us, here’s what you can expect to see!

3. Roadtrip through the Blidinje National Park

Day trip type: Roadtrip🚗

Okay, so before I go any further, you should know that the Blidinje National Park is massive. It’s filled with tons of spectacular things to do, but I’ll leave those for another article.

When we were in the area, we just decided to traverse it with our rental car to see as much of this park as possible.

Here’s the route we drove, starting from Mostar and ending in Jablanica (where we stayed overnight):

our roadtrip thgouh blidinje national park

Even though we spent most of the day driving through the park, this was still an amazing road trip.

roadtripping through Blidinje National Park
roadtripping through the Blidinje National Park
more roads on the Blidinje National Park
roadtrip through Blidinje National Park

As you can see, the landscape is really varied, and it reminds me of some of the roads we traveled when we were in Colorado!

There aren’t a lot of restaurants in this area, so make sure you either pack some food or plan your restaurant visit wisely. We luckily stumbled upon this local restaurant where we enjoyed a nice lunch!

4. Swim at the Kravica Waterfall (but know what to expect!)

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

Rachel and I visited the Kravica Waterfall based on the advice of lots of other travel blogs. While the waterfall was indeed impressive, the area was crowded and felt quite touristy. It was also more expensive than we expected.

Although beautiful, we found Kravica to be a bit overrated and recommend you be prepared for the crowds and costs.

That said, if your expectations aren’t too high, you can definitely enjoy a nice and relaxing day here! There are some nice places along the water where you can lie down, enjoy the sun, and read a book!

Kravica Waterfall

5. Visit Dubrovnik in Croatia

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

Our day trip from Mostar to Dubrovnik was an ambitious adventure, marked by the anticipation of visiting the famed Adriatic jewel. The drive itself was lengthy, winding through scenic landscapes but also involving a border crossing, which added to the travel time. It was a tiring journey, yet the moment Dubrovnik’s ancient walls came into view, a sense of excitement replaced our fatigue.

visiting dubrovnik from mostar 1

Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is truly special. Its well-preserved medieval architecture and the shimmering Adriatic Sea create a stunning backdrop. We wandered through the narrow streets of the Old Town and took it all in. We walked the city’s famous walls and were offered panoramic views of the sea and the city. This alone made our long journey worthwhile.

visiting dubrovnik from mostar 2

Despite the long and exhausting day, the charm and splendor of Dubrovnik left a lasting impression on us. It’s a place that feels otherworldly, rich in history and culture. For those considering the trip, be prepared for a full day but expect to be rewarded with the unique allure that only Dubrovnik can offer.

6. Drive to the village Of Počitelj

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

On our trip, Rachel and I drove to the village of Počitelj. It’s a small, charming place that feels like stepping back in time with its Ottoman-era architecture and cobblestone streets.

The drive was scenic and once we got there, we walked around, admiring the old stone buildings and the fortress overlooking the village. It’s a quiet spot, not too touristy, which was a nice change of pace. The view from the top of the hill is worth the climb, giving you a great look over the river and the surrounding area. Definitely a quaint little detour if you’re exploring around Mostar.

7. Visit Blagaj (and its monastery)

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

During our time in Mostar, we also made the trip to Blagaj, known for its monastery right by the Buna River spring.

The place is really peaceful and picturesque. The monastery, called Blagaj Tekija, is tucked against a high cliff, and it’s a sight to see with the river flowing right out from under it. We took some time just sitting by the water, enjoying the view and the calming sound of the river.

It’s not too far from Mostar, so it was an easy and rewarding getaway. Definitely a serene spot to check out if you’re nearby.

Best time to visit Mostar

Short Answer: Late spring to early fall (May to September) is generally the best time to visit Mostar and its surroundings.

Why? During these months, the weather is warm and pleasant, perfect for exploring the historical sites, natural landscapes, and enjoying outdoor activities. The days are longer, allowing more time for sightseeing and excursions. This period avoids the extreme cold of the winter months, making it comfortable for visitors to spend extended periods outdoors.

Off-Season Tip: If you prefer fewer crowds and don’t mind a bit cooler weather, consider visiting in the shoulder months of April or October. The temperatures are still mild, and you’ll find that accommodations and sites are less crowded, offering a more relaxed experience. Plus, the changing colors in nature during these months can be quite beautiful, especially in the rural and natural areas around Mostar.

Wrapping up

Each day trip from Mostar is a unique journey, offering a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the architectural wonders in Počitelj to the natural splendor of the Blidinje National Park, there’s much to explore. I hope this article has given you lots of ideas to make the most of your time in Mostar!

Did I miss anything important? Do you have anything to add to these day trips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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