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7 Lovely Day Trips From Sarajevo (Maps, Routes & Highlights)

Sarajevo is a stunning capital. The city contains so much history, some of which is still visible on the walls of the city center in the form of bullet holes. But if you go beyond Sarajevo, like Rachel and I did, you’ll find that this part of Bosnia contains some beautiful destinations too.

In this article, I want to share the best of our day trips from Sarajevo, with details, pictures, and personal recommendations, so you can make the most of your time in the capital of Bosnia.

7 perfect day trips from Sarajevo

We stayed in Bosnia for 10 days and rented a small car for our entire stay. This car allowed us to see tons of amazing things, and I’ve collected the highlights right here! Of course, it’s up to you to decide what trips to include during your stay!

1. Hike to the Bijambare cave

Day trip type: Hiking🚶🏿

Rachel and I drove up to Bijambare cave on our first day from Sarajevo. It was a really relaxing day, especially with the locals out enjoying the area just as much as we were. We found a nice restaurant at the bottom of the hills where we grabbed lunch before our hike. The view from the cave was stunning, making the trip totally worth it. It’s a great spot if you’re looking for a peaceful day trip.

Bijambare cave in bosnia

2. Trnovacko Jezero hike to Montenegro

Day trip type: Hiking🚶🏿

This is a big one, but so worth it. In fact, this day trip might have been the best day of our time spent in Bosnia. We enjoyed it so much that we wrote an entire post about it, detailing every step of this beautiful hike to the Trnovacko Jezero.

But I’m including the main highlights here for you:

This is a long – but beautiful – drive from Sarajevo, so you best head out early. Pack enough food, because you’ll need it! I would advise you to leave Sarajevo at 07:00 AM so you’ll arrive at the car park at around 10:00 AM. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful hike.

The hike starts from this car park, which might be a little tricky to reach, but read our detailed post about it if you’re not sure if you can make it (you can!)

Tip: Bring your passport, because you’ll be crossing into Montenegro!

trnovacko lake hike beautiful route

This hike takes you through some of the most beautiful mountains of Eastern Europe, all the way up to the Trnovacko Jezero. This is a beautiful lake in the shape of a heart.

trnovacko lake hike bosnia montenegro border

Once you cross into Montenegro, you’ll be greeted by a ranger who’ll accept your (small) payment and tell you to have a good day. From here, you can relax and enjoy the views. You’ve deserved it!

trnovacko lake hike view from above

Since you have a long way back to Sarajevo, you’re best to be back at the car park at 15:00 (3 PM), to make it back before it gets too dark.

3. Visit beautiful Mostar

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

Mostar may be the biggest tourist destination in Bosnia, and it’s well deserved. It’s a beautiful town that offers a lot of great sights, and the food here is great too!

Rachel and I soaked in all the beautiful sights of Mostar, from the iconic Stari Most bridge to the delightful restaurants. If you can, try to find a table at night for dinner with views of the bridge and river.

We also stepped into a mosque, which offered a glimpse into the Islamic culture of Bosnia. It’s a beautiful place with a rich history.

beautiful mostar

4. Walk on the Abandoned Bobsled Track

Day trip type: Viewpoint(s)⛰️

While this abandoned bobsled track is technically not a day trip from Sarajevo (I mean, you never have to leave Sarajevo to see this highlight), it’s still well worth the mention on this list!

Walking on this relic from the 1984 Olympics was a weird experience. It’s a bit eery, since there’s graffiti everywhere and some parts are a bit mossy and overgrown.

Kravica Waterfall

But I don’t know if there’s any other place on earth where you can experience a hike like this!

We decided to drive up to the mountain, but I don’t recommend it! Driving outside Sarajevo’s city center can be a bit … hectic.

So instead of trying to drive up the mountain yourself, take the easy route and park your car at Sarajevo’s gondola station. From here, you can walk to the Bobsled and walk on the tracks up and down the mountain!

hiking the Abandoned Bobsled Track in sarajevo

Tip: Don’t try to walk back to where you parked the car. Simply buy a return ticket and stay near the bobsled track! It’s much easier as you’ll stay on the trails and have less pathfinding to do!

5. Visit Konjic

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

Rachel and I spent a short day in Konjic, and really enjoyed the easy-going vibe. Its Ottoman-era bridge and the tranquil Neretva River were great for nice pictures! We wandered the old town’s cobbled streets and relaxed at a riverside café, enjoying local coffee and lunch.

Konjic in bosnia

Although we didn’t try rafting, it’s a popular activity in Konjic, offering thrilling rides down the Neretva. If we ever go back to Bosnia, this is definitely something we want to do!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed an easy and peaceful yet engaging day. If you ask me, these days are some of the nicest while on holiday, because they don’t deplete your energy all that much, and you actually get to relax and explore some small parts of a country that you would otherwise rush through!

6. Drive to Donja Jablanica and the Blidinje National Park

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

On our trip to Donja Jablanica, Rachel and I headed to the collapsed railway bridge, an interesting place to shoot some photos. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at a local cafe.

Donja Jablanica and the collapsed railway bridge

If you’re in Donja Jablanica, you can do multiple things.

You can either hike up and down to the Outlaws Gate (a 6-hour hike up the mountains), which I described in more detail in this separate article.

Or you can road trip through the Blidinje National Park, which lies just on the doorstep of Donja Jablanica.

roadtripping through Blidinje National Park

Rachel and I set out to simply explore as much of this national park as possible, and we ended up driving this route straight through the park.

roadtrip through Blidinje National Park loop

While some of the roads are a bit “bumpy”, there was nothing that our little 2WD car (A small Skoda Citigo) couldn’t handle!

more roads on the Blidinje National Park

As you can see, the landscape is really varied, and it reminds me of some of the roads we traveled when we were in Colorado! While it definitely takes some time, this road trip is a good option if you’re already in the area of Donja Jablanica.

Tip: There aren’t a lot of restaurants in this area, so make sure you either pack some food or plan your restaurant visit wisely. We luckily stumbled upon this local restaurant where we enjoyed a nice lunch!

7. Visit Blagaj (and its monastery)

Day trip type: Leisure🏊‍♀️

This one is a bit of a drive, but I’m still adding it to this list since it’s worth it in my opinion! Blagaj is known for its monastery right by the Buna River spring, and it offers some great photo opportunities.

The place is really peaceful and picturesque. The monastery, called Blagaj Tekija, is tucked against a high cliff, and it’s a sight to see with the river flowing right out from under it. We took some time just sitting by the water, enjoying the view and the calming sound of the river.

It’s not too far from Mostar, so it was an easy and rewarding getaway. Definitely a serene spot to check out if you’re nearby.

Tip: You can also combine this day trip with a trip to Mostar, and spend a night in Mostar. This allows you to visit both these places without having to drive back and forth a lot!

Best time to visit Sarajevo

Short Answer: The best time to visit Sarajevo and its surroundings is from May to October.

Why? During this period, the weather is ideal, with comfortable temperatures and lower humidity, providing a pleasant environment for exploring and outdoor activities. The warmest time, with the least chance of significant precipitation, is mid to late August​.

Off-Season Tip: Tourism peaks in July, August, and June, making these months the most crowded and expensive. For fewer crowds and potentially better deals, consider visiting in the shoulder months of May or October​.

Wrapping up

While you can easily spend a day or two in Sarajevo with all the cultural and historical landmarks, there’s lots of beauty to see in its surroundings. These day trips offer a way to explore the country beyond its capital, making your stay in Bosnia much richer and more diverse!

Did I miss anything important? Do you have anything to add to these day trips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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